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    FMD SoundCloud

    Frankly, My Dear now also has a SoundCloud where you can also download and share with your friends free media.  The free account is up and running but am trying to upgrade to have more access to the tools.  As my card will not work (even through paypal), I’ll have to wait until the morn to activate the upgrade.  I will link you ladies and gents to it then.  Until then, check the bandcamp and Facebook.

    Also, if you’re a musician and looking to network to help promote each other, hit me up.  The more fans, the more the music is spread.

    I’m not sure about you other musicians but I write for me and sing for the public.  I like to create feelings which, I’ve been told I’ve done there fore, I feel I’ve done my job for both myself and my fans.

    SO, if you wish to network together and get other musicians together and help one another out, let us set that up.


    My Dear

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